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Captain America Story time

Bring your little ones to Milestones Park every Friday for story time at the park! Every week there will surprise guests. From princesses and superheroes to Lubbock’s favorite local authors, your kiddo will enjoy every moment. Storytime in the Park is FREE with park admission, so don’t miss out!

Activities for Children of Any Age

12 – 23 mo.
2-3 year old Y.O.
4-6 Y.O.
6-11+ Y.O.

Classes at Milestones Park are designed for parents/caregivers and children to interact and play together, while accomplishing motor skills, problem solving, communication, and creative thinking.  All classes are designed by an occupational therapist, ensuring each activity offers developmental growth for the children enrolled. In addition, class instructors are trained how to relate, adapt to, and communicate with children of all ability levels. Every instructor at Milestones is proficient at scaling class activities to ensure all children are able to interact and successfully participate in the classes.

​Classes are 35-45 minutes of instructor led activities followed by uninstructed free play in the Park.

​Children enrolled in classes at Milestones have unlimited access to open play times as part of the class tuition fee. There is no charge for parents or caregivers when attending classes or open play times.


Imagination Movers

The general development class, Imagination Movers, focuses on a wide variety of skills, including gross and fine motor function, imaginative play, music and rhythm, oral communication, and problem-solving.

Class size: Up to 8 children with parent/caregiver

Age groups offerings:
6-12 months

12-18 months

18-24 months

2-3 yrs

Tuition fee and schedule TBD.

Art Masters

The art class, Art Masters, provides experiences for children to engage in creative thinking, expanding their imagination, experimenting with different textures, colors, shapes, and materials, understanding abstract concepts, and developing fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. This class provides art experiences that emphasize the process, not necessarily the end product.

Class size: Up to 8 children and parent/caregiver

Age groups offered:
2-3 years
4-5 years
6-7 years

Tuition fee and schedule TBD.

Sensory Seekers

The sensory class, Sensory Seekers, provides various types of sensory opportunities including tactile, movement, auditory, and olfactory experiences while incorporating fine motor skills, music and rhythm, and imaginative play.


Class size: Up to 10 children and parent/caregiver


Age groups offered:
1-2 years
3-4 years
5-6 years
7-8 years


Tuition fee and schedule TBD.

Baby Touch

The Baby Touch class is designed for parents/caregivers and babies to enjoy and relax together through a variety of comforting experiences. In this class parents/caregivers learn various types of calming techniques for baby. Both parents/caregivers and babies will learn how to experience soothing sensory opportunities including auditory, olfactory, and tactile methods in Baby Touch.

Class size: Up to 10 children and parent/caregiver


Age groups offered:
Infants 0-8 months


Tuition fee and schedule TBD.

Seasonal Activities

Finding and making new friends in new environments is pivotal in childhood. Pricing and dates are coming soon!

Friday Night Fun

Friday Night Fun allows parents to drop off children, ages 5-12 years of age, at the park on Friday nights. Children participating on Friday Night Fun are grouped by age as well as ability level, and Milestones will offer a separate program designed to accommodate individual ability levels for children who have special needs. Each group will be led and supervised by a Milestones instructor throughout the evening.

Camps at Milestones

Summer and seasonal camps are coming to Milestones! Each camp incorporates an art class, a sensory exploration class, instructor led play in the park, free play in the park, and a cooking class (healthy snack that the children will get to prepare themselves).

Camp age groups:
5-6 years
7-8 years
9-10 years

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